PipelineDeals has a New Feedback Forum

PipelineDeals is launching a new feedback forums on Uservoice.com.   These new forums will replace the existing forums process.  Uservoice is providing the software for our new feedback forums.

How it Works?

  1. You will see a new blue feedback icon on the right side of all screens within the PipelineDeals application.  See image below.
  1. Click on the link and you can submit ideas in the feedback forums or submit a bug to us.
  1. Signup for a new user id (takes 3 seconds) or submit ideas anonymously
  1. Add your new idea or submit a bug
  1. Vote ideas up if you want us to implement them
  1. Follow comments and dialogue with a daily email or receive updates from an RSS feed

 New feedback link


Each person will receive 10 votes used to submit ideas or vote for ideas and suggestions. You can vote from 1 vote to 3 votes on a specific idea.  Please don’t use all of your votes at once, since the only way to replenish your votes is for us to mark an item as complete or delete an idea.

You will also be able to see if we are working on or planning on working on a specific item with special color coded status indicators.

 Feedback Forum


You can also comment on ideas and suggestions right within the thread.  You will need to login to post a comment.  Signup is very simple, just click the signup link and enter a login id, password, and email address. We recommend creating a signup id as we will discount anonymous feedback and voting during our roadmap prioritization planning.  Note: Your signup id of our old forums will not work.  

Receive Email and RSS Feed Updates

You can also receive email updates or RSS feed updates on your idea.  There is an RSS general feed on the right column.  Just click RSS General Feed to receive any updates to the forums using your favorite RSS reader.  You will also receive a nice daily activity on activity in the forum.

NOTE: any spam or inappropriate comments will be immediately deleted.

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