Customize: Deal Stages

Deals generally mature in stages. A good sales process has a defined progression of stages all aimed at one objective: closing the deal. Deal stages come in all sorts of different flavors, however, we find that all companies should start out with a basic set of stages that matter to them. After consulting with hundreds of companies about how best to think about their own sales process one piece of advice comes to mind: Don’t get overwhelmed by the nuances of your process – start with something basic and refine it over time.

A simple sales tool like PipelineDeals allows you to customize your deal stages. PipelineDeals allows for customization in the Admin menu of the application under "Customize Sales Process". Once there you can create as many (or as few) deal stages as needed. Here is a screen snippet of one example of deal stages we use at PipelineDeals as shown in the customize portion of the application:


Deal stages without meaning don’t do anybody any good. As with most things, keeping it simple and relevant is the key. Use words everyone in your organization can understand. Not only does this help with keeping the boss up to speed, but simple, straightforward deal stages also make talking to accounting or training new people much easier.

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