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Everyone loves taking notes. Notes are a mechanism that provides the ability to keep a running conversation associated with a Deal or a Contact. Notes are also a sign of progress or that someone touched a deal or contact. PipelineDeals uses notes for you to add specific details about a Deal or a Contact as part of your sales tracking process. Every note in PipelineDeals also has the ability to associate a Note Category. The same Note Cateogies can be associated with Deals, Contacts and/or Leads.

Note Categories are actually pretty powerful and allow for you to track activity across your entire sales team. Note Categories are customizable and can be administrated in the back end to ensure everyone is using the same note categories. Most note categories are verbs, or work words. To set up or modify note categories click the "Admin" link in the upper right hand corner on any page of the application. Then click on "Manage Not Categories" on the menu. You can then add, delete or edit any note category. You can see is a screen capture of the note categories we use here at PipelineDeals. Along with Deal Stages, we have seen customers use Note Categories used to track customer conversations as Sales Stages as checkpoint within each Deal Stage.

What is helpful is that within the Notes Report a Manager or Executive can run a report and filter on Note Category. As part of this report you can also filter on Deal, Contact/Lead Name, Owner and Created Date. This is effectively an customizable activity report that can provide insight to who on the sales team has done what along four primary slices of time: This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month. The Notes Report provides a simple and quick way to see progress in your sales process. Need to brainstorm on how best to use note categories? Feel free to give us a call today.

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