Importing Leads

Today, we are previewing some important new importing capabilities we will have with our new leads management module.


The new leads importing tool includes some powerful features. More specifically, you will be able to:

1. Import leads in any CSV formatted file in any order, with any number of fields

2. Assign Leads to your team members (either to a specific member or round robin) during the import process

3. Add a lead source to the leads

4. Assign one or more tags to your leads on the fly

5. Send email notifications during assignment

6. Map multiple notes and/or tags from your file to PipelineDeals fields

7. Map your data to custom fields

Of course, you can also re-assign, mass tag, archive and delete your leads using the new leads worklist as well at a later point in time.

How is it different than the current importing process?

Essentially, the current bulk lead importing process will be replaced with this more flexible importing tool. The current contacts importing process will stay in place. That is, you will be able to import contacts in pre-defined formats such as vcards, Microsoft Outlook, Highrise or

It is important to note that any contacts imported will not be treated as leads and will not show on your leads worklist. You can always turn any contact into a lead by adding a lead source.



After the import, you will then be able to begin working your leads in the new leads worklist.



No. Our importer is smart enough to recognize a prior format and will just use the rules and mapping that you defined from an earlier import. For example, if you purchased leads from a specific vendor which has a pre-set field and file format, you will only need to map those fields once.

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