Leads Management is Launched!

The Team at PipelineDeals has been working hard to provide you with the best simple CRM tool on the market. We are excited to announce the launch of our new Leads Management Module. We also have some exciting enhancements planned in the upcoming weeks and months.

Our new Leads Tab provides some simple and powerful features to better manage your unqualified business prospects. Our goal was to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of working new business relationships.

Let us know what you think. We already made some improvements based on initial feedback from customers.


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  1. It’s great! Now I won’t have anxiety over mixing my close contacts with masses of unqualified leads. I’m a visual person, and it helps me to scan a list of main contacts to decide who to call or what to do. So when the list is filled with names I don’t know, it leaves me feeling a bit at loose ends. I know I can categorize them and all but I just like to keep them separate from the get-go. So thanks! And thanks for the additional classification capabilities.

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