Polish & Wax

Today, we have started our process to put some polish and wax on PipelineDeals. Over the next few months, we will begin rolling out small incremental improvements designed to improve your workflow, and reduce clicks inside the application. We hope to optimize the finer details (aka the polish and wax) in order to be the easiest to use Simple CRM solution on the market.

A few polish and wax features that are now live:


You can now search the full deal name from your deals directory. This will improve your search hit rate and allow you to find your deals more quickly and efficiently. The old deals search only would search the first few letters of the deal name.



You will now notice that we reduced clicks to perform one of the most frequented actions – writing a note for a deal. We now open the deals page with the write a note form open.


Expect more improvements over the next several months.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I just started using your product and I think you are doing a great job of filling a niche for companies that don’t want to shell out SalesForce prices, take sales tracking seriously, and don’t want to deal with a confusing, poorly defined tool.

    Having gone through the tool and public sites pretty thoroughly, I think polish and wax is the right direction. I have found several areas where the formatting is not quite right, a few incorrect links, and a few places with too many clicks (most notably adding the $, status, stage, and so on for new deals).

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to the new features.


  2. I am not sure if you monitor these comments or not, but I wanted to let you know that I think this is fantastic! I can’t wait to see this search functionality in other areas (contacts, etc). Great move.

    I love how things just keep getting better and better with Pipeline. Keep it up.

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