To-Do Templates Enhancements – Now Launched!

As part of our strategic enhancements for Pipelinedeals this spring, we are proud to announce new Todo Template features – launching soon. Below is a brief overview of the new features.

To-Do Templates – Overview

To-Do templates provide the ability to define specific steps and due dates for your sales and leads processes. Templates can save you valuable selling time and can help ensure consistency in your approach to managing leads and deals in your sales pipeline.

What’s New with Templates?

Leads Templates

Previously this feature was only available for deals and now we are extending it to leads. You can set up a leads template to focus and ensure consistency around your upfront leads qualification and new business development processes.


Your leads templates will automatically apply to all new leads created on your worklists using the Add Leads form as well as importing leads using the import tool.


Multiple Templates

Now you will be able to create multiple to-do templates for both leads and deals. This will allow you to better focus your sales efforts. So, for example, you could have one sales template to facilitate small account sales and another for larger or national accounts. You could also create templates to help you sell different products or services.


Templates for each Deal Stage

A typical strategy for using multiple To-Do templates would be to have separate templates for each deal stage. For example, you could have a specific set of to-dos and events for the proposal stage, contract stage, commitment stage, etc. This would improve selling effectiveness.


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  1. This will be great.

    One other thing relating to To-Do templates is weekends should not count as a day. Or at least there should be a way to exclude weekends.

    ~ mel

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