Preview #1: New Leads Management

Today, we are previewing our new Leads Management module for PipelineDeals. Leads management and leads tracking are critical functions for any sales or marketing professional, and are essential components in our simple CRM solution.

Today, we are previewing our new Leads Management module for PipelineDeals. Leads management and leads tracking are critical functions for any sales or marketing professional, and are essential components in our simple CRM solution.

Our Current Leads Management Solution

Our current leads management solution consists of a simple leads report, the ability to assign a lead to another team member, and the ability to track lead sources and revenue associated with leads. While adequate for some businesses, many of our customers found some gaps in our solution. Our new leads management solution will address these gaps.

We thank our customers for their numerous recommendations which were essential in helping craft our leads solution.

A New Leads Tab

Leads management is so important to the sales function and managing your sales pipeline that we decided to add an additional tab to enable our customers to focus on these new business development activities.


It may be helpful to know how we differentiate leads from deals in our system: the leads module is used to manage and track your unqualified sales prospects, the deals page is used to track qualified sales prospects. Leads are essentially contacts that have an associated lead source.

How does it work?

The new leads tab provides some simple and powerful features to manage your leads. Let me highlight a few features:

Leads Worklists

A leads worklist is just a list of leads that you are working on – calling, emailing, documenting call notes, or just plain getting organized. We will default this to all of your leads that have been assigned to you or that have been imported into the system.

Smart Worklists

We also created some smart worklists to improve your productivity and focus on working the leads.


Today’s Leads

Don’t know where to begin your day? We help you get your leads organized with the “Today’s Leads” smart list. This list is your leads that have activities due today. For example, if you have setup several to-dos and events such as phone calls, meetings or follow-ups, these leads will be highlighted in this list for you. And you can specifically focus on making your calls, sending your emails, and documenting notes for your leads.

Untouched vs Touched Leads

Many of our customers are managing hundreds or even thousands of leads. Of course, this gets overwhelming and unwieldy – who did I call? when did I last touch this lead? We designed two smart lists for you to help manage this problem. Untouched leads is a list of leads where you have no outstanding to-dos, events or notes. Touched leads are those leads where you have started some activity.

Build Your Own Worklists

We have also created a new feature that allows you to build your own smart worklist. For example, let’s say you wanted to focus your calls this week on leads in a specific region or geography. You could build a leads worklist based on area code or region (assuming you tagged your leads with region). You can use this worklist for an upcoming road trip to a specific city.

In another example, you could create a leads worklist to focus your calls on a specific product or service line. Just simply use the tags field to tag your contacts with the product or service line.

Improved Leads Workflow

Our goals with our new leads management solution was to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of working new business relationships and your sales prospects. More specifically, we wanted to reduce the number of clicks to find your leads, document notes and create follow-up activities and events.

You can see below a sample of the new leads worklist screen. Note, all pertinent lead information is at your fingertips: Company Name, Contact and Phone Number. In addition, you are 1 click away from all existing notes and events, as well as creating new todos and events for your leads.


So, basically you will never have to leave your leads worklist when focusing on making a large amount of calls, or follow-up communications with your leads.

Lead Qualified?

Once your lead has been qualified, we have made it simple to create a deal from the lead. Just select the contacts at the company and click Create Deal. A new deal will be created for you with all of the relevant contacts already associated to the deal.

Improved Leads Maintenance

In addition to the above features, we have enhanced and simplified the ability to manage leads in bulk. You will be able to easily do the following actions with one, or many of your leads:

Leads Re-assignment

You will be able to quickly re-assign leads to other team members using the leads re-assign function.

Leads Tagging

You will be able to tag your leads more efficiently using the Tag Leads feature. Again, you will be able to tag one or more of your leads with keywords for product, service, region, or whatever you like.

Leads Archiving

Leads archiving will allow you to move your leads out of your primary workspace and onto a special worklist for Archived leads.

Leads Deleting

Have you ever purchased a whole bunch of leads that didn’t go anywhere? Now we will provide an easy way to mass delete those bogus leads.

Next Preview – Leads ROI Reporting

In our next preview, we will cover how PipelineDeals can help you better manage your marketing costs and see which leads are turning into real sales dollars.

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