Polish & Wax: Postpone Your To-Dos

We continue on our mission to make PipelineDeals simpler and easier to use by reducing clicks across the application with our Polish and Wax initiatives. Our goal is to make PipelineDeals the simplest and easiest to use sales pipeline and CRM system on the market.

To-Dos Editing

Editing todos and events are one of the most frequently used tasks in PipelineDeals. Today, editing is accomplished with a few clicks – click the edit link on the deals, contacts or leads page, click the calendar icon, pick your new date, then save. That is 4 clicks.

Postpone a To-Do or Event

We are adding a new feature soon to allow you to postpone any to-do or event to the next day with just 1 click. The feature will be available on the deals, leads and contacts profile pages. Simply click the grey postpone icon to move the to-do item to the next day.