Now Launched: Welcome Tab and More Videos

Now Launched – The Welcome Tab, a friendly way for new users to get acquainted with PipelineDeals.

Welcome New Users

The Welcome Tab is the first place you land if you are new user on PipelineDeals. The goal of the Welcome Tab is get you up and running as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

The Welcome Tab for New Users

For a new user, you can watch a 5 minute overview of the entire application, as well as some simple videos to import your leads and contacts. In addition, there are more in depth videos available on each of the application tabs, as well as links to our blog, faqs, and forums.


The Welcome Tab for the Administrator

If you are the administrator for your account, we have a new series of videos which take you through the setup, configuration and customization of PipelineDeals for your account and users.


Turning the Welcome Tab Off

You can easily remove the welcome tab by clicking on the hide link. The welcome tab can be turned back on by changing your options on the My Settings page, so you always can have a handy place to get back to any of our instructional videos.


We hope you find the Welcome Tab useful and that it helps get your team setup quickly so more time can be spent selling and managing your sales pipeline.

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