PipelineDeals – Mobile CRM Projects Underway

Today, we are announcing a new mobile CRM strategic initiative. Our goal with our mobile CRM solutions will be to take the same simple CRM tool we provide at PipelineDeals to mobile devices.

Our mobile CRM solution will provide the same simple and powerful tools to manage your sales pipeline, contact, leads and deals.

Why Mobile CRM ?

Sales professionals by their very nature are road warriors. They spend time in airports, hotels, at client / prospects’ locations, and every cafe and coffeehouse in between. They need critical access to prospect contact information, notes, prior communications, tasks and directions to their offices. In short, they need access to their CRM tool while on the road.

PipelineDeals iPhone mobile CRM Solution

Our first mobile CRM solution will be for the Apple iPhone.

Below we share some preliminary designs for the PipelineDeals iphone mobile CRM solution. We won’t share all of the designs as we have some nice surprises up our sleeves.


Access Sales Deal Information

Easily access, view and edit all of your critical sales information from the deals summary.


View & Type Notes

Of course, you will be able to add notes for your leads, contacts and deals when they are most timely after your meeting on site at the prospect.


Search and Find Contacts and Leads

You will be able to easily and quickly locate your contact information quickly for all of your deals, leads, and contacts. And with a few clicks, you will be able to call them directly from the iPhone.


Access your Agenda and Calendar

A simple view to see all of your relevant sales appointments, meetings and tasks will be included in the agenda application. The agenda application will be consistent and similar to the PipelineDeals Weekly Agenda on your home page.


We will also be developing additional mobile CRM solutions for Blackberry, Windows Mobile and potentially even Google’s Android platform.

Let us know what you think, and which features you are looking for in an iPhone or mobile CRM solution.

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  1. nick,this is a great project you are starting… pipeline mobile will be very useful to us… looking forward to this esp for blackberry…

  2. Extremely impressive. The knocks on most CRM tools that prevent a salesforce from embracing them are generally two-fold: 1) The steps involved to maintain the database are too cumbersome, with too many clicks and so forth, and 2) You have to sit down at a computer to do this, who wants to do that?

    Killer, streamlined interface here. And I’m looking forward to Blackberry support!

  3. This looks great. Hope it will work as well. Wouldn’t mind being a beta tester for it. Good luck!

  4. Thanks for all the great feedback people. Blackberry is right behind the iPhone development. We are putting a big stake in the sand here and will be making mobile part of our DNA from here on out.


  5. Please accelerate your plans for Blackberry. Suggestion: have a way of having this mobile version automatically sync up either Exchange contacts or the local contacts of the Mobile device, that way we don’t have to maintain two separate databases and having to import/export all the time!

  6. This is awesome!!! Thank you guys for your hard work.

    If you need localization for Chinese or other Asia languages, I’d be pleased to help.

    BelleMac fanatic from Hong Kong

  7. Very exciting! One more reason to shell out for a 3G iPhone in July.

    I am wondering, though, about offline access for contacts and other Pipeline data. Maybe some kind of sync mechanism?

    I’m often in areas with little or no network coverage, and it would be nice to know that I’d still have access to all my contact and lead data.

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