Launched: Deal Sharing & Collaboration

PipelineDeals is reviving an old feature called Deal Sharing.  This feature will be launching soon.  Deal Sharing allows two or more users on to work together, share deals and collaborate on closing on a sales deal.   

How to best use Deal Sharing?

Deal sharing is perfect if your sales teams require a coordinated effort between more than one individual, company, or even across time zones.   

Each sales team member has access to the same information on the deals page, can add information such as notes, to-dos and events, documents, and even post short messages to a deal conversations board.  In short, deal sharing is a sales collaboration tool. 

 A sales collaboration tool

How does it work?

From the deals page, simply do the following:

  1. Search and go to your specific deal to be shared
  1. Select share from the deals actions menu 
  1. Type a few letters of your team mate’s last name 

Your team mate will be able to work on, edit and view the deal in their deal directory and their deal profile. 

 Manage your sales pipeline

Deal Conversations

We are also introducing a new concept which will facilitate communications about deals among team members or between sales managers, sales executives and their teams.

Deal conversations allows team members to post quick messages right onto the deals page – front and center.  We will always display the most recent messages first and you can click on the more link to see the conversations history.  

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To-Do Assignments

 Manage client follow up with to-do assignments

To-do assignments can now also be made for other team members to facilitate deal collaboration and workflow.

Deal sharing and conversations is the first of our efforts to provide more sales collaboration tools within our CRM application.