Case Study: How FutureBrand is Using PipelineDeals Simple CRM

How FutureBrands Uses PipelineDeals

FutureBrand is an extremely cool company. In their own words they are a global brand consultancy. After
spending time with them, you realize FutureBrand does more than just brand consulting – they obsess over brands, specifically the brands of tomorrow. FutureBrand's work ranges from personal submersibles to British Airways to InBev's Brahma Beer. FutureBrand's work exudes sophistication and a flair for 
excellence. A truly global company headquartered in New York with offices in everywhere from Dubai, to Buenos Aires, to Beijing. Mario Natarelli, Managing Partner of FB-X, was kind enough to lend us some of his day to discuss
his team's use of PipelineDeals:

"As Good As Our Last Project"

In the business Mario is in, he is keenly aware that the last project out the door is the yardstick against which potential future clients will judge him. Cultivating and developing new business in a project based industry is critical. FutureBrand is always looking in new directions and must be able to manage a myriad of deals in various stages. Staying informed and sharing information including deal status and more specific contact information is important to keep developing the lifeline of future business.

Enabling the Distributed Sales Team

FutureBrand is a global business with 600+ people deployed across the world in offices on every continent. Coordinating efforts among disparate sales people while maintaining coordinated customer-facing communication is vital. On how PipelineDeals helped solve this problem: "PipelineDeals has enabled us to create a real-time shared environment, in multiple time zones and geographies, to leverage the sharing of information."

Chase Relationships, Not Proposals

FutureBrand dabbled in other applications without much success having tried Excel, Salesforce and ACT. "We were manually collecting spreadsheets once a month. We also used an internal tool to chase proposals, but needed something to chase relationships." As far as migrating from existing business practices to PipelineDeals, Mario had this to say, "Transition was easy, in fact it was effortless. We didn't require any training. We were up and running as fast as I could distribute the link."

Hooked on PipelineDeals

"We're hooked on PipelineDeals because everyone has to work together to keep it current. FutureBrand uses PipelineDeals primarily as a lead and prospecting tool. It's our first look at our sales forecast. We track success ratios carefully as well as sales activity by different users. The tool is giving us the ability to track suspects or "leads" versus more seriously baked prospects. We're now much more scientific about our closing ratios. The ability to add leads so quickly and easily keeps our various contributors happy. The reports are awesome. The killer feature in this app is the deals page. In less than 10 clicks I've set up a client, who the contacts are, how much its worth, and we've captured everything we need in one place."

Advice: Keep It Simple

Of course, we took advantage of our time with Mario to get some recommendations for improvement. "I would like to build more charts dynamically. Basically, get more out of the reports side. It would be great if PipelineDeals could help support our proposal workflow process."

Mario's parting words of wisdom cuts to the core of our daily work:

"Keep it nimble and simple. Don't over engineer it. Its beauty and strength is in its simplicity."

Truer words have never been spoken. Please take the time to visit FutureBrand and their Clients. FutureBrand's work is incredible. Take the time to sign up for their self-published online magazine, Propeller on the FutureBrand website in the Leadership Section of their Showcase. A big thanks to Mario and FutureBrand for taking some time and sharing some perspective on PipelineDeals.


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