Now Launched: PipelineDeals API (Beta)

PipelineDeals has launched its API into a beta.  The API was designed to cover all basic aspects of PipelineDeals data objects and allows you to get started with writing custom applications quickly.

Please contact us at 866.702.7303, drop us an email, or a twitter message  if you are interested in participating.

How can you make use of the API?

The API will allow you to easily create simple applications which access the PipelineDeals database.  Some sample application ideas:

Web to Leads

Create a simple application to send leads from your Internet web forms directly into PipelineDeals.

Appointment Maker

Develop a nice widget to allow someone on your team to schedule appointments for other team members.

Custom Reports

Create reports to pull information on your deals, contacts, leads and notes.

API Development Environment

The API will have its own sandbox testing environment and database as well as a full set of documentation and examples.

 API documentation- deals

 API Documentation- Requests & Responses

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