Case Study: How Azure Uses PipelineDeals for More Than Simple CRM

How Azure Uses PipelineDeals:


Azure provides consultation and expertise to help companies fulfill their aesthetic visions. They are a globally distributed company that sources furniture from around the world. Their team is constantly looking for most exclusive niche shops and product developers to deliver the next trend in design etiquette. Dan Shand, the General Manager of Azure was able to take some time to speak with us.

Finding the Gems:

Azure operates in the highly competitive sourcing and interior design market. Maintaining a competitive edge and sifting through all the potential business can be challenging.  It can take 12 weeks to close their projects. For Azure, the process of qualifying prospects is paramount. On how PipelineDeals helps solve this problem: “Chasing the best projects with articulated proposals is crucially important. We have to have a system to help us align our capabilities with our client’s goals/expectations. We need to be very selective to find the right fit for us. This is where PipelineDeals comes in. Once we input a new project into the system we know exactly what our next step is, and what our expectations are of our team.”

“The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread”:

There any many choices in the CRM landscape and making the best decision can seem like a daunting task. Defining the scope of the features needed can make the decision making process easier. Azure needed to be able to keep track of all their projects and deals. They tried many different tools before settling on PipelineDeals. After struggling with ACT Goldmine, Sugar CRM and Prophet CRM Azure realized they needed to have hosted model. “PipelineDeals turned out to be the best thing since sliced bread. It has the right structure and its simplified enough to really let me take advantage of it. And its $15/user/month!”

Getting Started on PipelineDeals:

At PipelineDeals we know your time is valuable. We strive to make sure you can be up and running quickly. According to Dan, the transition couldn’t have been easier. “With Sugar, in order to input information it took so many steps. I felt like I had to complete all the fields. Sugar required too much maintenance. With PipelineDeals all I have to do was create a Deal then email myself a quote. I can then manage and update my Deals over the course of time. It couldn’t be faster.”

Beyond  Simple CRM:

Azure is finding innovative ways to use PipelineDeals for more than just managing their sales processes. Using multiple To-Do templates, Dan and his team are simplifying their entire product delivery workflow.  

Please take the time to visit Azure’s website.  They are truly pushing the envelope in corporate and commercial design.  A big thanks to Dan and Azure for taking some time to sharing their experiences on PipelineDeals.


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