Launched: Improved Weekly Agenda

Now launched: some new enhancements to our weekly agenda on the application home page, new features include:

Adding New To-Dos & Events

You will now have the ability to add new to-dos directly into your weekly agenda on your home page.  You can also use the keyboard shortcut, “t” to add a new to-do item.

 Manage your weekly agenda 

Editing To-Dos & Events

You also have the ability to edit and delete existing to-dos and events directly from the home page.   You will see edit and delete functions when you mouse over to the left of the event. 

 adding items to your sales agenda

Postponing To-dos & Events

The postpone icon is also new on the agenda.  So you can easily click on the postpone icon to move events quickly (with one click) forward to the next day.   Postpone also now works for your late items.  If late items are postponed, then they will show up on your weekly agenda for today.

Sort By Type

We have improved the sort by type feature with a more prominent button and improved display.  This feature allows you to quickly sort your agenda into actionable buckets for the week, e.g. phone calls, milestones, to-dos, emails to send, and meetings.   We now have listed phone calls first.

 sort by types of sales activity

Late Items

Late Items are now exposed in a separate module above your weekly agenda.  You will be able to see how many to-dos and events are past due.  Just click the link to see your late items organized by this week, last week and older.   You can also sort your late items by type:  (calls, meetings, to-dos, etc.)

Late items can also be postponed as mentioned above.

 Postpone sales tasks as needed. 

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