Now Live: Web to Leads

Web to Leads

Coming very soon PipelineDeals will automate the

creation of Leads from your web form. This will speed up the

distribution of leads to your team so that you can begin the process of

qualifying them faster.

Web to Leads will save you the hassle of manually entering your web leads into PipelineDeals.

How it works?

1. First, log in as your administrator and click the Web to Leads link.  You just need to grab your special web to leads key.  The web to leads key should be given to your technical developer or webmaster.

2. Setup your web form with html using the guidelines and examples found in the Web to Leads documentation.    

Key Features

Automatic Lead Assignment

Leads submitted by your web form will automatically be assigned to your team members using a round robin approach.  

Email Notification

Once a lead comes in from your website, you will receive an email notification with all the pertinent contact details.

Tagging Available

You can setup a specific fields on your web form to be tags.  Tags will allow you quickly and easily search your leads list.

Page Redirect

You can define a redirect page where your users will go after submitting the web form.

Below is a simple web form and the associated html required to send leads directly into PipelineDeals.

Simple Example

Below is a simple web form and how you would define the html on your web form.  You will need your web to leads key which you can get from your administrator.

Picture 1Picture 3

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  1. Hey Ethan,

    We have built in ant-spam protection to our solution. We are going to watch it carefully as we are aware of the Salesforce issue.


  2. Hi,

    I have a Person Custom Field, and i intend to have it filled by my Web Lead form.
    What i understood from this post is that i should create another note, but this doesn’t work to fill the Person Custom Field that i made.
    So, how can i have my Person Custom Field filled by my Web Lead Form?

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