Using PipelineDeals to Manage Customer Service

PipelineDeals is a simple CRM system that focuses on managing your sales pipeline.   We often get requests to handle account management, projects, or customer service – processes that go beyond our current feature set.  

However, we have a simple way to manage service requests or customer service tickets.

How to Setup PipelineDeals to Manage Customer Service

  1. Create Customer Service Note Category
  1. Add Service Request Notes
  1. Share Deal & Assign To-Dos
  1. Review Service Updates in Notes Report

1. Setup a Customer Service Note Category

The first thing you can do is setup a specific note category or categories specific to customer service.  For example, you could set up a category called, “Service Requests”, or “Support Ticket”.

To setup a custom note category, perform the following actions:

1.  Login as the administrator

2.  Go to Manage Note Categories

3.  Create a new note category, called “Support Ticket” or “Service Request”.

 Manage sales note catagories

2. Manage Service Requests

Scenario – A customer calls or emails and has an issue.   You need to document it, track it and ensure follow-up with the appropriate departments.  Just simply add a new service request note directly onto the deals page.

 Add notes to the sales history. 

3. Share the Deal & Assign Action Items

Share the deal from the Deal Actions menu with any other user that may be involved in resolving the service request.  Add appropriate action items and to-dos to get the issue resolved.

 keep track of your deal history. 

4. Review Service Requests using the Notes Report

Use the notes report, to review any outstanding service requests for your accounts.  Just select service request and you see the service request notes for each account or deal.   You may want to mark the service request closed in the note if it has been resolved.   You could also create two service request categories – “Service Request – Open”, “Service Request – Closed” as well.

 Generate notes reports to document your sales activity. 

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