Now Live: PipelineDeals – The iPhone Edition

PipelineDeals – The iPhone Edition

Just launched – our iPhone web application, just point your mobile browser to and add to your iPhone home page.  This will be our first mobile CRM application and we hope to bring you additional mobile solutions for other platforms in the future.

The iPhone web application will allow you to access all of your PipelineDeals data using a simple intuitive interface.  The application and data will be accessible over 2G, 3G and Wifi.

Features & Functionality

You will have access to your Weekly Agenda, Deals, Contacts, and Leads.  We also display a running total of your sales pipeline on the menu page.

Picture 14Picture 13

Weekly Agenda

The Weekly Agenda (just like the PipelineDeals application) will display all of your upcoming to-dos, calls, meetings, and milestones.  You will also be able to add / edit your to-dos, as well as mark them complete. 

Further, if there is a contact associated with the item, we will display the contact details and you will be able to email and call the contact using the iPhone call and email applications.

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The deals feature will display your most recent deals in a simple list.  You can select a deal and view / edit deal details, see contacts associated with the deal, and of course write and view your deal notes.

Picture 18Picture 19

Contacts & Leads

Contacts and leads will have similar features.  You will be able to search and  browse through a quick list of your most recent contacts and leads.  Each contact/lead will have a profile that displays pertinent contact details, as well as access to their notes.  

The contact details are linked directly into the iPhone’s phone, email and google maps applications.  For example, just click the green call button, and you can instantly dial your contact’s phone number.  Click on the grey map button, and your contact’s location automatically drops onto a Google map on your iPhone.

Picture 22Picture 24

This is our first iteration of our iPhone application.  We hope you like it and as always feedback is always welcome. 


  1. Cool. I’m sure iPhone users are loving this. Hope a blackberry version (or even just a simple way to sync contacts & calendar with my bb) is next up. Keep up the good work.

  2. Congrats on the new iPhone app guys!

    Question: Does the Agenda show “Overdue” tasks? Couldn’t tell from your demo above. That’s usually one of the main things that I need to access from the road.


  3. I just got to play around with it and I must say that I am thrilled that you guys are doing it. There are 2 things that are going to be major issues for me though:

    The agenda for me is the most important feature of the application. 90% of the time that I need to look at Pipeline when I am away from my office is to take care of something on my agenda.

    1. You can only see this week’s upcoming agenda. I would like to be able to see anything on my agenda if I want to, including overdue and things due in the future.

    2. There should be a link when I am looking at an agenda item to access the notes or Deal page. I often need some context for the call I need to place.

    I hope these features can be added in the near future, but again, I am so pleased with Pipeline’s continued development!

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