Balance: Livestrong Day 2009

 Livestrong Day

This afternoon we are taking a half a day for Livestrong Day 2009. For our office in particular today has a personal meaning. Two of our team members have lost their Moms to cancer: Debbie Ammons and Cay Galgon. Today’s Livestrong 2009 Ride for Moms will not only show our commitment to the Livestrong Movement but celebrate the legacy that these two women left behind.

Ride with us!

Please donate to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. More importantly find a way to bring the Livestrong movement into your world. The founder and chief instigator of this movement, Lance Armstrong, sets big goals. We all know Lance’s accomplishments on the bike, but as he puts it: “It is not about the bike“. Only someone as bold as Lance would have the audacity to set a goal to “End Cancer”. As history has shown, never doubt Lance. And Lance teaches us in turn, that we should never doubt ourselves. Follow Lance’s example and set some big goals for yourself including joining us in the global movement to end cancer.

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  1. Your doing a really good thing, I lost my mom to cancer as well. I will be doing the Komen run (walk 🙂 later this month.

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