New Update: New & Improved Notes

Improved Notes Displayed

Launched this weekend, a new and improved notes display for your deals, contacts and leads. 

 Improved sales notekeeping

Viewing Note Content

You no longer need to click to see the notes content.  A preview of the note will display on the page.  Click on the more link to expose the full contents of the no

Associated Contacts 

You will see the associated contact of the note at the end of the note displayed in bold text.  You will see the associated deal if you are on the contacts profile page.

To Edit Notes

Simply click the note to open the edit form.

To Delete Notes

Simply click the trash can icon.

To See Notes History

Click show more notes to display older notes


  1. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for the note. You point out a known problem with this weekend’s release and this functionality got inadvertently dropped. We are hustling to get a fix in for it this week. We will post a follow up comment here when done. Thanks for keeping us on our toes and my apologies for the inconvenience.

  2. I inadvertenly loaded the same leads twice. What is the best way to clean this up? Is it possible to sort the leads so I can identify the duplicates faster?


  3. A helping of answers for you Chris and De:

    Chris – The free form notes are up and running as of this morning. Feel free to have at them!

    De – There is a handy little link with a green “u-turn” icon on the amber Leads Worklist menu called “Undo Import”.

    Hope this helps you both and keep the feedback coming please!

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