New Sales Report Delivered to your Inbox Every Morning

PipelineDeals is excited to announce a newly updated daily activity report we call the Morning Coffee email. This comprehensive overview will be sent to you first thing in the morning to provide you a summary of the previous day’s accomplishments. It aggregates all your business development activities to quickly get a grasp on the progress you and your team are making.

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To ensure you have this email delivered to your inbox each morning

log into your account and go to My Settings. Select the option to

recieve the daily activity report (Morning Coffee).

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The report reflects your user-role. Executive users will see a Coffee Report for the whole team, a Manager’s report will include activity for the basic users that report to them, and a basic user only for their own accomplishments.

Its broken into two parts. The first section is a Sales Summary with detailed activity totals. The second section includes a Deal Activity overview.

The Sales Summary will Total your active Sales Pipeline and the New, Won and Lost dollars from the previous day. This will give you insight into the traction your team is making. You can also instantly navigate to a report which includes a breakdown of the data if you see something that requires your attention. For example if you notice that yesterday was a really strong day, you can navigate to the Won Report and see who closed the big deals that day.

In this example the Sales Pipeline is valued at $43,195,990. We will display your Sales Pipeline Total in bold at the top of your report.

 Sales summary

The Summary also gives you high level insight into your Lead cultivation by totaling the number of new leads added and leads converted to deals over the previous day.

Finally the Summary includes a break down of activity by type and amount. You can quickly ascertain how many notes were written or how many appointments were conducted.

The Morning Coffee Report will also detail the progress of activity on Deals your team is working on. The Deal Activity area breaks down the activity on a Deal by Deal basis to give you a comprehensive and thorough evaluation of everything that has been worked on the previous day. 

 The Morning Coffee report gives you a snapshot of your sales activity

Below you will see an example of two updated Deals. The owner of these Deals, Nicolas Cary, was working on the BMW HQ opportunity and the Centrino Deal. By reviewing the activity and updates for each you can see what was accomplished or changed. When Deals move through your pipeline, amounts change, or status get updated you will be notified.

 Get notifications of changes to deals you are working with

Please let us know what you think and keep the suggestions coming!

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  1. Morning Coffee ROCKS! Thanks for adding such a great feature/benefit to PipelineDeals.

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