Case Study: How Manpower Inc, uses PipelineDeals

 Manpower Inc

Manpower Inc. is a world leader in the employment services industry. As one of the fastest growingbusiness in the Fortune 500 its critical they have tools to help manage their sales pipeline. Manpower’s Canadian business development team uses PipelineDeals to manage customers and track down new opportunities. The Manpower enterprise team has found a home using a simple but powerful sales tool. Byrne Luft, Vice President of Marketing, was kind enough to lend us some of his time to discuss his team’s use of PipelineDeals:

How did you first learn about PipelineDeals?

“I found pipelinedeals through the internet.  My familiarity with ACT, Salesforce, Goldmine, etc is extensive and none of these CRM’s addressed my concerns which included, simplicity, cost and basic functionality.  I needed a system that could be integrated quickly with minimal monthly cost.”

What were your first impressions of this CRM system?

“The system was not complicated, very easy to use and simple. We especially liked that we could customize the look and feel to match our brand.”

Where you using another product when you signed up? How were you managing your Sales Pipeline before you started with PipelineDeals?

“Yes, Excel Spreadsheets.”

Was the transition easy?

“We had the whole team up and running in less than a week. This was easy because PipelineDeals does not have too many moving parts and we use nearly 100% of its functionality.”

Have you started to use PipelineDeals in ways you didn’t anticipate?

“Not really but we will be adding Manpower Professional to the tool in the next month, perhaps we will be using the system differently with that group.”

What is your favorite feature of PipelineDeals? 

“The filtering capabilities it offers in reports give us visibility into our sales pipeline anytime we want. We can roll up reporting across specific offices, services and regions.”

How has PipelineDeals improved the way you manage you relationships and Sales Pipeline?

“The biggest improvement is the accuracy of the roll up of Canadian data and increased accountability.”

How many people in your company are using PipelineDeals?

“Over 50 users across Canada.”

Is there anything else you would like to add?

“The service and support has been excellent. We love the custom fields and branding!”

Please take the time to visit Manpower’s website. If you have any staffing needs their specialists will be happy to help. A big thanks to Byrne and Manpower for taking some time to share their experience using PipelineDeals.

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