Update: Tomorrow’s Great Red Balloon Hunt – $40k for LAF

A quick update on our progress as a team this past 48 hours. This has turned into a fun, short term, intense project. We have already made new friends around the United States and complete strangers are coming together for a common cause. That in and of itself is a success. Thanks to everyone thus far for your support.

Now we are getting closer to the official start time tomorrow: 10:00 am ET. We will have 6 short hours to pull this thing off. Here is a primer for the team on how you can contribute:

1. Recruit – A full court press on growing our numbers is important. Right now, scaling up awareness and commitment is critical. Please let people know it is easy to help out and it is only for tomorrow.

The hub of the group is our Facebook Group here.

You can also join our Facebook Fan Page here.

2. Call – 8:00 pm ET Conference Call #2 tonight – We have scheduled a conference call for tonight. Any and all team members are welcome to join in and share their ideas. The agenda for tonight is to talk devise last minute recruiting strategies and to finalize communication plans for the big day tomorrow.

Here is the call in information for the call for tonight:  Dial (646) 558-2930 Access Code: 161-446-146

3. Participate – Balloon Day, Saturday December 5th – 10:00 am (ET) to 4:00 pm (local time).

Team Members should check the news and with friends and family to see if anyone has seen a balloon. This contest is as much about your personal network, online or offline, as it is about going to parks and looking for red floating weather balloons.

Submitting a sighting is easy!

Email the location of the balloon to: 40kforLAF@gmail.com


Call the 40kforLAF Toll Free Hot Line: (888) 666-8808

The information needed is either the latitude and longitude of the balloon and/or the physical address of the balloon. Team members are instructed to keep the location secret as this IS a competition and the first with all 10 (or the most with at least 5 confirmed sightings) will win the prize.

If you do not know either the latitude/longitude or the address – still email or call. We can have GPS-enabled team members in the area help out.

Any questions – email or call us. We are here to help!

And remember this is all for a good cause. We will donate all post-tax winnings to the Lance Armstrong Foundation and put the money to good use fighting cancer.

Let's win this thing!

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