New Feature: PDF Reports to Print and Share

Today we are launching some exciting new features to improve the way you manage your sales pipeline and share information within your company.  You can now print out PDF reports for your deals, leads, contacts and sales pipeline reports.

The Road Trip

Let’s say you are going on a sales trip and need to meet with one or more of your prospects and leads. You don’t have time to review all of the details on the web or your phone while running through airports but have some nice quiet time on an airplane.

Prior to your trip, just print a nice PDF for a specific deal, lead or contact or your sales pipeline report and you can review them on the plane, or offline on your laptop.

The Deals PDF

In this PDF, we expose all relevant deal information you see on the deals page, as well as all of your notes and conversation history.  Just click on the PDF link in the navigation menu, then click on the link in the pop up notification.  Your PDF report will also be sent via email with a special link for downloading.

 Download deals as a PDF

 A downloadable PDF will be generated

In addition, each PDF will contain an area to take notes, so you can prepare for your meeting or jot some notes down for later to put into PipelineDeals.

 Add notes to your PDF. 


 download a report of your entire sales pipeline as a PDF. 

You can do the same for your sales pipeline report, notes report and custom reports. 


You can do the same for a specific contact, or lead from the profile pages.  You can also print out a PDF for many contacts and leads.  Just search for contacts or leads then click on the PDF link.

As always, any feedback is welcome.

The PipelineDeals Team


  1. it’s a Nice new feature, tried it, the system said that the pdf is in a que to be emailed.

    it took more than half an hour for the email to arrive with the link to the PDF.

    I guess it’s probably due to high volume of users testing the new system.

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