New Features: Contacts Undo, Notes Show All & More

Just a quick post on some new features available in PipelineDeals as of today:

Contacts Undo Imports

You can now undo your last 5 contacts imports.  This feature also exists for leads.  You can undo the contact import from the left navigation. 

 Manage key sales contacts

Notes Show All

You can now expose and review all of your notes and email correspondence with one click by using the Show All Feature for your deal notes.  To close all the notes, just click the show all link again or the close all link below the notes.  

 Track interactions with sales contacts

Deals Directory

Your deals directory will now default to your deals and not recent deals.  You can still access your recent deals by clicking on the Recent Deals link.

 Deal directory

Search Improvement

You can now easily search for company names such as “The Acme Corporation” by typing any component of the name. For example, if you wanted to find “The Limited Doors Corporation”, just type in Doors into the search box.  Try using the global search by typing ā€˜sā€™ on your keyboard.

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