Weekend Updates & Enhancements

Check out the latest updates to PipelineDeals including inbox improvements, forwarding emails, emailing multiple contacts, deals importing, and more.

The latest improvements to PipelineDeals, the sales pipeline tool:

Inbox Improvements

We have three new very important and powerful features to manage your email communications with prospects and clients.

Creating a Contact from an Email

You can now either forward or BCC your PipelineDeals inbox account and we will automatically create a contact record if the person is not in your contact database.   

You can also create a contact directly from the inbox if we don’t have enough information to create a contact.

You will be notified via email that a new contact has been created in your PipelineDeals account.

 sync your inbox

Forwarding Emails

Forwarding emails now recognizes an existing contact and will automatically associate the email with the appropriate contact and/or deal.

Emailing Multiple Contacts

Let’s say you are emailing and interacting with several contacts on an existing deal.  Your PipelineDeals inbox will now recognize all of the contacts (not just the first one) and retain a copy of the email communication for each contact record.

Deals Importing

You can now upload a CSV file and import deals directly into PipelineDeals.  The deals importer can import deals from an CSV file from any CRM provider such as Salesforce.com, SugarCRM and any other one.

The deals importer will create individual deals for each row in the CSV file and supports the following:

  • Deal Name
  • Deal Description / Deal Summary
  • Deal Owner
  • Deal Stage
  • Expected Close Date
  • Actual Close Date
  • Create Date
  • Notes

We also will be launching a feature that coincides with deal importing that will allow administrators to edit close dates and deal create dates so that historical deal information can be accurately captured.

Deals Directory

The deals directory state is now remembered. This will make navigating between deals easier.  So, if you are bouncing around the application, we will always remember your last search on the deals directory.

 deals directory

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