Team Selling and Collaboration

PipelineDeals is a powerful sales collaboration tool. As long as you have the internet you can work with your team to manage your sales pipeline from anywhere in the world. PipelineDeals is designed to work with a group to get everyone organized around your lead qualification and sales pipeline management. One of the best things about PipelineDeals is that it you can quickly and easily share information with the people who need it most.

With an open contact model you and your team can share all the same relationships and keep track of who says what to whom. This way, everyone has the most up to date contact details and records.

With PipelineDeals you can also share and publish documents to your whole team. If you use consistent marketing literature and want everyone on the same page, you can easily upload the newest sales resources to everyone in your account.

 Upload sales documents to PipelineDeals

With a shared contact model, everyone in your account can check to see if there are other contacts at a company they are targeting, or check if someone is already working with a particular client. When adding new relationships, we also verify for duplicates based on Last Name and Email to prevent double entry.

 Adding sales leads to PipelineDeals

PipelineDeals can help you and your team work together to close new business opportunities. Team selling used to be challenging because it was hard to know who was working on what. Now you can use the Deals page to assign responsibilities and share information.

For example, if Nick Smith owns the Apple Deal he could choose to share it with several of his colleagues. Apple represents a large business opportunity for this Nick’s company and he wants to make sure that everyone is aware of its progress.

To share a Deal go to the Deal actions menu, select share, then type a few letters of a colleague’s last name. You can share Deals with anyone you want. When you do, your colleagues will receive email notifications that you’ve shared a deal with them.

 Share deals between members of the sales team. 

Once you’ve shared a Deal, several new tools become available to you. For starters you can begin to use the Conversations thread.

Conversations keep track of an ongoing dialogue between you and anyone you share a Deal with. Below, Nick and Sarah are discussing how to move forward on the Apple Deal. If someone posts a new Conversation, everyone shared on the Deal gets notified by email.

 Manage sales activity from the deals profile 

Once you share a Deal you can also assign responsibilities to anyone collaborating on the deal. In the previous example, Nick is going to send a Thank You and Sarah is preparing a Sales Proposal. If you share a Deal and assign to-dos to colleagues, they will be notified by email of their responsibility, and you will be emailed once they complete their task.

We’re interested to hear your thoughts on how we can improve the team selling features in PipelineDeals. Don’t be shy, leave a comment or send us a message at customercare[at]