Now Live: Improved Lead Management Features

We are excited to be introducing some changes and new features to our leads management capabilities.

We are excited to be introducing some changes and new features to our leads management capabilities.

Color Coding Status Indicators

We are introducing simple custom color-coded status indicators to easily manage your leads. The status indicator can be defined by your administrator and have any color you would like. 

There are many ways you can use the color coding. One way is to color code your leads by priority, by next action required, by a step in your leads follow-up process. We will give you some pre-defined lead statuses for managing hot, warm, cold and archived leads.

 see a list of your sales leads

Easy Editing of Leads Info

You will now be able to edit your leads without ever leaving the leads tab. Just click the lead row and a new editing form will be exposed. You can now quickly change a name misspelling, a phone number or address. 

When you click on a Leads name in the Leads Tab, you will go to the Leads Profile Page and not the Contact Profile Page.

In addition, you can also update any tags, lead source or statuses from the form.

 Adding information to the sales lead profile

More Ways to Filter

We are introducing our powerful reporting to the leads module. This feature allows you to create a simple report based on selecting one or more criteria for your leads.   

This is very powerful as you can create a leads report based on any or all of the critiera:

  • Status
  • Owners 
  • Tags
  • Source
  • State 
  • City
  • Zip or Postal Code
  • Modified Date 
  • Create Date

 Sorting the sales lead worklist

For example you could quickly find all your Leads in Colorado in a specific zip code then save the report.

Below is an example saved report sorted by company name.

 Customize what data you see in the leads worklist

Leads Pagination Remembered

You will now be able to work your leads and we will remember exactly where you left if you leave the page. No more clicking on the pagination.

Leads Counts

You will also see a new leads count for your total leads as well as any filtered totals similar to reports.

PLEASE READ – Changes to Existing Features


Definition – an unqualified business opportunity. All Leads currently in your Leads tab will still be there. Leads will display on your leads worklist for the following scenarios:

Add a lead manually via the Add a Lead Form

Imported via CSV file

Web to Leads – using our web to leads feature 

Convert a contact to a lead


Definition – A qualified business opportunity or existing relationship. Contacts are displayed in the contacts tab if the following events occur:

  • Add a contact manually via a form
  • Import contacts via a CSV file
  • You convert a lead to a deal
  • Add a new person to deal

Please note: A relationship can either be a lead or contact but not both.   

Converting Leads to Deals

You can convert leads to contacts by selecting a lead from the leads worklist and clicking the convert to deal link.  Performing this action results in the following:

  • Lead will be removed from the leads worklist
  • Lead will be converted to an existing relationship and display on the deals page associated to the deal 
  • Person will now become a contact
  • You will find the contact in the Contacts Rolodex and under contacts in rover search

Lead Archiving

Lead Archiving will be handled differently with the updated leads tab. To archive a lead, you will just need to set the pre-defined status indicator. All of your archived leads will display on your leads worklist. 


Worklists will no longer be supported and will be replaced with the new More Ways to Filter feature described above.   Please note any existing worklists will not be converted to the new reports. We regret any inconvenience this may cause but hope you find these new features capable of rebuilding the lists easily.

Please let us know what you think.

The PipelineDeals Team

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