A Simple Sales Tool: PipelineDeals and Your Email

We just made some improvements to the PipelineDeals Inbox. You can use any email client including Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird, Hotmail or Yahoo with PipelineDeals.

When you email your clients, all you have to do is BCC, CC, or Forward your messages to your username@pipelinedeals.com

 Sending an email from in PipelineDeals

If you click on a contact’s email address in PipelineDeals, we simply launch your default email program. We populate the contact’s email address and also BCC your username@pipelinedeals.com. These emails will be automatically associated with the correct Contact/Lead profile and even append attached email documents. 

This gives you the ability to track email communications and correspondence for any Deal you are working with a specific contact.

When a contact can’t be found, we’ll automatically create a new one for you, saving you time!

Finally, if you need to append a receipt, automated email or invoice to a Contact or Deal and you don’t want PipelineDeals to create a new contact for you, email inbox@pipelinedeals.com. These message will arrive in your Inbox and you can process them later.

Watch this video to learn how PipelineDeals works with your email.

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