New Lead Managment Features!

PipelineDeals is happy to announce several powerful new lead management features. You can now customize color indicators, find leads by geography, save advanced searches and more.

Watch this video to see a quick tutorial of the new lead management features

Here’s what’s new:

We made the distinction between Leads and Contacts more concrete. We think of Leads as new business relationships and sales prospects that you want to qualify into Deals.  They differ from Contacts in that Leads are relationships that you need to begin to cultivate and whose source you ultimately want to track.

When you import or add leads, they will appear on the Leads tab until you convert them into a Deal. All relationships that you import or add to the Leads tab will stay on the worklist until they become associated to a Deal. Once you convert a Lead into a Deal a Contact will automatically be created for the relationship.

For example, lets say you added Stephen Jobs as a Lead today then qualifed Steve by calling him. You could then convert Steve into the Apple Deal. This would remove Steve from the Leads worklist and you would find him associated to the Apple Deal with his full profile in the Contacts tab.

New features:

Lead Statuses- Custom color indicators to organize your leads by priority, status, product, geography or step in your process.

 sales lead management features

Modified Date- You can now quickly churn your stale relationships by filtering on last the modified date for your Leads. Leads are considered modified if you Change a Status, Add a Tag, Add or Complete a To-Do, Re-Assign or update the Lead Contact details.

Faster Note Entry-  To write a note, simply click into a row then type away in the Notes box. Once you’re finished press enter and the note will automatically be submitted.

 Quickly enter notes on sales outcomes

Quicker To-Do Entry- A cleaner form will make it easier than ever to add follow ups for your Leads. Simple click into a row then press on the To-Do’s tab.

Update Lead Info- You can now even update a Leads contact details right from the worklist. If you are calling on a new prospect and they give you an updated phone number, you click into the row, press on Lead Info and change the information right there.

Advanced Filtering- You can use advanced filters to multi-select on Tags, Statuses, Owners, Sources and more. You can also run reports on all your leads in specific places and time frames. For example, you can search for all your Leads in California that like to Golf added in the past 6 months.

 Advanced lead worklist features

Saved Searches- You can now save advanced searches for future reference. Click on more ways to filter, select your criteria, then save and name your report. This report will appear in a drop down menu for your convenience. 

Lead Profile Page- Clicking on a Leads name will take you to the Lead Profile Page where you can further update a Lead’s details.

Pagination Remembered- If you are working on page three then go to your Calendar and come back to the Leads tab, it will remember what you were working on.

Thanks for reading about these new lead management features. Please let us know what you think!

-The PipelineDeals Team

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  1. I love at what pace you’re adding functionalities, in no time, it’s gonna be an incredible CRM platform!


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