Preview #1: Powerful New Features to Manage Your Sales Pipeline

PipelineDeals is excited to announce some important new changes coming to the Deals page.

PipelineDeals is excited to announce some important new changes coming to the Deals page.

New Custom Fields for Deals

PipelineDeals will soon allow you to add custom fields directly to your deals page.  Fields can be any of the following types:

  • Numeric
  • Currency
  • Text
  • Picklists
  • Dates
  • Forecast

How can you take advantage of this feature?

We have received many requests from our customers who just want to add one (1) additional field to their deals to track additional revenue $ in their sales pipeline, or several additional fields that are unique to their industry.   We have supported the latter in the past with our deal tags feature.

Slice and Dice Your Sales Pipeline

This new feature will allow you to capture and track data for your sales pipeline along any dimension that you can think of – for example you could add deal fields to track:

  • Geographic Region
  • Product or Service Interest(s)
  • Competitor
  • Total Revenue Potential
  • Forecast Amount
  • Commissions

Simply create a new field, give it a name, define some pick list values and apply it to your deals.   You will also have the ability to make the field required, totaled in reports, and the define the display order.

Example #1 – Capture Industry Specific Data for Your Deals

Manufacturing Company

Let’s say you are a manufacturing company, and you need to keep track of product units as well as the customer’s product interest.   

You can simply add new fields to your deals page, called “Product Units” and “Product Interest”. 

 Deal Details 

Real Estate Brokerage

If you are a real estate firm and need to keep track of deals for property types, key buying features and buyer’s price ranges, you could add those fields onto the deals page.

 Customize fields in the Deals Profile

 Quickly update fields as information changes

Example #2 – Capture More Sales $ Details

Add some additional sales and revenue details to your deal:

– Total Potential $ of the Account/Relationship

– Forecast $ – We will automatically calculate this for you based on probability x your $ amount field.

– Services $ – Break down your deals according to product and service $

 Sort deals according to their fields

Example #3 – Sales Process and Methodology

If you follow a very specific or structured sales methodology, you can add important deal criteria to the deals page to manage your sales team and deals:

In this example, you can track and report on:

  • Overall position summary on the deal
  • Red Flags
  • Specific Buyers that may or may not be identified on the deal
  • Next Actions

 Update your deals to fit your sales methodology

 Update the deal stage as a sale progresses

How does this feature work with deal tags?

There are several important changes related to deal tags.

1. Deal tags currently listed at the bottom of the deals page, will moved into the Deal Details section.   You will no longer need to scroll to the bottom of the page, which should facilitate deal entry.

2. You will be able to make a deal tag required entry if you so choose.

3. You could also rename your deal tags to a more meaningful name.  For example, if you are using deal tags for labeling deals with products and regions, you could easily create 2 new fields  and name them Products, and Regions (instead of deal tags).

4. The deal tags report will be in a new location.  (more on this in the next blog post).

More information on the new feature coming in the next preview.

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