Preview #2 – Powerful New Features to Manage Your Sales Pipeline

In the last blog post, we previewed adding custom fields to your deals page giving you new power to your sales pipeline.  Today, we are previewing the ability to create custom reports so you leverage the new power of your deal custom fields.

Custom Reports

You will now be able to build and save your own custom report based on your deal data.  In the example below, I added several new fields to my deals page:

  • Product Interest
  • Industry
  • Regions
  • Delivery Date
  • Services $
  • Forecast $

 select columns to display in your custom report

With the custom reporting feature, you can build a report with up to 10

fields from the standard deal fields as well as your custom fields. 

You can have the columns in any order, and you can filter on any

combination of the fields.

 Name and save your newly created report

So, let’s say you wanted to create a report to see all of your deals for a specific product or service, or a within a specific industry, or a specific region, or any combination, you would be able to do that with our new custom reports feature.

 Sales pipeline by product

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  1. Deal tags are an incredible addition. Thanks so much for all the flexibility of those. I hate to ask for one more option, but can the status indicators (red, yellow, green) be assigned a percentage value (set by the user) so that we can have an even more accurate forecast?

    E.G. red=5%. yellow=50%, green=95% so that we can then create a weighted average forecast (deal value x % probability from stage x % probability of status).

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