Important Notice: For Deal Tags Users – Changes Launching Soon

Please read this post if you are a current user of deal tags and the deal tags report.   We will be launching several important changes soon.

Deal Tags Entry

Deal tags will no longer be on the bottom of the deals page.  They will display in the new Deal Details section.  You can also change a deal tag to be required entry.

You will be able to add new custom fields to your deals as mentioned in a prior blog post which will all display in the new Deal Details section at the top of the page.

Deals Directory Changes

There will no longer be a deal tags list for filtering in the Deals Directory.  Instead you will be able create the same list as before by simply typing a tag name in the search box.  For example, if you were used to working through a tagged list of deals for “financial services” or a specific region “Asia”, or any tag, simply type it into the search box.   

You will see a list of all deals associated with the tag.  In the example below, you can see all deals associated with the tag “Technology”.   The search feature will also work with any picklist field type and values.  

 Categorize deals with tags

Deal Tags Report

The current deal tags report will move to the new Custom Reports section within Reports.  You will be able to do advanced filtering as well as save queries off of the report just as before.  You could also create variations of the report with less columns, or additional custom fields.

 Sort reports according to tags

Deal Tags Maintenance

Deal Tags maintenance will now be done in the Setup Deal Custom Fields section in the Admin Tool. You can rename the label Deal Tags, add new picklist values, as well as add new fields to the deals page.  You can also make the fields mandatory entry.

 Set up deal custom fields

 Set up custom deal details

 Manage deal details

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