Business Wisdom from Jeff Bezos

Recently bought as part of its growth strategy. While the transaction is interesting in its own right, one of the aspects I really enjoyed was the video below from Jeff Bezos. Jeff imparts some very good business wisdom that is applicable to almost any business scenario. I always appreciate the ability to hear from successful business people and apply it to our business. Whether you are part of a sales organization, the founder of a start-up or just looking for ideas on how to grow and improve your business, this is a helpful video. The key points Jeff makes are:

  1. Obsess over Customers
  2. Invent (on behalf of your Customers)
  3. Think Long Term

Two things about his key points are telling (1) Customers are explicitly mentioned in two of the three points and (2) thinking long term is harder than it sounds as it runs contrary to the unfortunate quarterly mentality which many business are compelled to subscribe.

Here is the video – I hope you enjoy it:

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