Just Released: New Features to Manage your Contacts and Sales Leads

PipelineDeals will soon be making some important improvements to Contacts and Leads making it easier than ever to manage your sales relationships.

The Contacts tab is getting a face-lift and some powerful new functionality. You can still easily find your contacts by using our simple search for queries on First, Last or Company Name.

Below you will see an example of a search for all Contacts at the Nike Corporation.

 Search for contacts related to a company

If you need something more thorough, you’ll now be able to use an advanced searching framework on the Contacts tab. This will enable you to find Contacts based on multiple attributes and even save the searches for future reference.

For example, you’ll be able to pull a list of all your Contacts who live in Colorado, who like to Ski, Kayak, and Hike and are owned by a specific user in your team. This new functionality will also help you segment your contact database to more effectively market to your customers.

 Quickly view all contacts associated with an account

Along with these more robust search features you’ll notice some new enhancements on Contact and Lead profile pages.

These profile pages are dedicated to a single person. We’re introducing some new fields so you can store more details about your sales relationships. 

Finally, we are also including the ability to upload profile pictures to easily distinguish your relationships.

The new fields include:

  • Email Address 2
  • Twitter name and link
  • LinkedIn name and link
  • Facebook Name and link

Finally, managing your Contacts and Leads will be faster than ever. We’ve put all the actions you can take with your relationships into a navigation bar on the top of profile pages. You are now one click away from editing all contact details, converting a relationship to a Deal and more.

 Manage contacts associated with leads

Please see the image below of a Lead Profile page. Now, all the functions previously available on the Leads Worklist are here as well. You can re-assign a relationship, set its status, delete it and more.

Simple CRM is about giving you the most intuitive and powerful tools to

track your relationships and business pipeline. We’ve been listening to

user feedback and look forward to hearing what you think about these

new features.