New Features to Report on your Marketing Programs

PipelineDeals has recently made some simple improvements to the Deals page to give users more accessibility to key functions.

We’ve replaced the Deal Actions drop-down menu with an Actions bar at the top of the page. The Deal Actions Bar enables users to Share, Archive, and Delete their Deals. These functions are now always visible and can be used by clicking the corresponding links.

Below is a screenshot of the new Deal Actions bar.

 The deals action bar

The Deals Actions bar shows options based on user roles. Account Administrators will see all possible options including the ability to Modify Dates and Back Date Deals.

This improvement empowers Executives and Managers by providing functionality from the Deals page to Re-Assign responsibilities within the page. For example, you could easily change the ownership of a Deal from one colleague to the another. 

Basic users only see the functions they have permission to use including the ability to Share, Archive, Set a Source and Delete.

As part of these changes, we’re now exposing the Source of the Deal. Previously, sources were appended to relationships attached to Deals.

Sources are the origins of your leads and relationships. Some examples of Sources include Referrals, Advertisements and Trade Shows. You can set up Sources by logging in as the Administrator and clicking on Manage Sources. You can also apply a cost to your sources. We support either a Cost per Lead (CPL) or One Time Fee (OTF). A Trade Show or Advertisement would probably be a one time fee or lump sum.

 Set the deal source

When you convert Leads to Deals, you will be asked to confirm the source of the Deal. Applying sources to your leads and deals will help you and your team ascertain which marketing programs are driving business and which channels you should invest more resources into in the future.

 leads worklist

New Reports

The Source Report and the ROI Report will provide you and your team the active and closed marketing intelligence you need to make the best choices possible to drive new business.

Use the Source Report to filter your sales pipeline by origin. This report can help you answer questions like:

  • How effective is that Bulk Mail Campaign?
  • Is our website driving any business this quarter?
  • Which marketing channel has contributed the most overall revenue?

In this example, the report is filtered on Won Business from the Networking Event.

 Deal source report

The ROI report aggregates your marketing data and puts it into one place. Here you can see how many Deals in your Pipeline are attributed to each source as well as check overall revenue by source.

Finally, it will also show you the return on investment calculated:

( Revenue/ Costs ) x 100

 Source ROI report

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