5 Tips for Customizing your Account

We frequently get questions from new and existing users hoping to gain more insight from their business development pipeline. Sometimes its not easy to know where to start. We put together a list of five things to consider customizing when configuring your account with PipelineDeals.

1. Define a Unique Sales Process.

Administrators can set up distinctive sales stages relevant to your business. Each account starts with a example sales process that can be modified. Defining a set of stages that are unique to your sales process will help you track you Deals in a meaningful way. We generally recommend keeping things simple.

Typically, Deals mature from one stage of your process to the next on their way to being Won.

When setting up your stages we will ask you to associate a probability to each one. The probability will help you sequence the stages and forecast your revenue. As Deals get closer to being Closed, the probability that they will be Won will increase.

These examples are taken from the set up page. Deal Stages will display on the Deal’s Page, on the Dashboard of your Homepage, and in Reports.

Below are three examples you can review:

 Customize the sales process

2. Create Sources for your Relationships.

Sources are the origins of your business. When you add Leads into your account, you can track where they come from by assigning them a Source. Some examples of Sources we see frequently include Tradeshows, Cold Calling, Marketing Campaigns, and Referrals.

Sources will help you track which marketing initiatives or Sources are driving your bottom line. Below are several common source lists.

 Define sources

3. Use Note Categories.

As you keep track of your correspondence is can be tricky to remember with whom, when and where you discussed certain things. Using Note Categories can help you organize and track specific types of communication. You can add as many Categories as you want to organize your Notes.

Note Categories also run a powerful activity report that will help you answer questions like: How many calls were made this month? Last Month? How many Appointments has my sales rep Kevin conducted?

Here are several ways Note Categories are used to help companies capture unique data related to their business development correspondence.

 Track your notes

Once you activate Note Categories you will be prompted to select one when you write Notes for your Leads, Contacts and Deals.

 Note your sales activity

4. Create Deal Custom Fields.

Setting up Deal Custom Fields can provide a very simple and powerful way to track your sales pipeline. You can now create up to 25 specific fields to organize your business Deals by unique attributes. For example, you can create pick-lists of Products or Services you sell and even track by Region. Currency fields can help capture other revenue streams and you can even apply date fields to track contract renewals.

These special fields can then be used in a report to gain optics into your sales pipeline in specific ways.

Your Deal Custom Fields will live on the Deals page below the Deal Summary values. You can arrange their order and even make fields mandatory to ensure your team adds values into them.

In this example, six custom fields have been set up to track Deals.

 Set up custom fields

5. Customize your Colors.

With PipelineDeals you can customize your account to match your company colors and even upload your logo.

Begin by selecting a theme that comes close to your color scheme. Then upload your Logo. We will automatically resize images to fit in the allocated space. To get the most out of your account you should follow these simple design suggestions:

  1. Match the background of your logo to the color of the bar on the top of the page.
  1. Use a lighter color to differentiate the tabs from the top bar.
  1. Make sure your top links are visible and obvious.

Below are several examples of what can be accomplished.

 Customize your colors