What are we working on this month?

PipelineDeals is always improving. This post will highlight two projects that are currently underway.

 We're working on something big

PipelineDeals is always improving. We don’t consider our product complete and are constantly at work here behind the scenes. We have had more requests lately to increase our communication of what is under development. This post will highlight two projects that are currently underway.

Major projects currently in development:

We are working on two major projects right now. One is a completely new (and highly requested) feature and the other is an improvement to a current feature.

1. Custom Fields for Leads and Contacts – Right now PipelineDeals offers up to 25 custom fields for deals. A custom field is defined by the Admin on the account and can be used to track anything you want. We are working on this feature now and expect that it will be launched into production sometime in early-to-mid December.

2. Export Process – We have grown quite a bit since we launched the current export process. The amount of exports has increased 5 fold and the nature of the exports has changed since we rolled out custom reporting in the interim. Currently we are improving our monitoring of the export process. We will then watch how and what people export for a couple of weeks. Once we discern where the greatest need is, we will work on improving the manner and the method with which we support exporting. This one will take a little bit longer given the need to watch the export process as a whole. We expect this feature to launch by the end of the year.

It is never easy predicting when technology projects will be completed. The above projects are not all we are working on, but they are the two most significant projects. So if the dates above aren’t entirely accurate come December, please know that we do share these projects with you in good faith and will ship them as soon as they are ready to support the many thousands of you who will use, and hopefully appreciate, them!

It you have other ideas for us, please let us know here.

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