Making Something Hard Look Easy

At PipelineDeals, we talk to many companies each week who are working hard to win more business.  Inevitably we learn about how they think about their customers, their competition and themselves. It is a great side benefit to building software for businesses, we get a special and intimate look into different industries and business models from around the world.

 Rocket launch

This week I had the opportunity to take my family to see the launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavour from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. To the left here is a picture taken from our vantage point by my wife, Christine. The first night the launch was scrubbed but we were fortunate to see the last scheduled night launch of the Space Shuttle. In one word the launch was powerful – on many levels.

Also powerful was the lesson here for businesses: the ability to make something that is hard look easy. The variables associated with a Space Shuttle launch are mind-boggling – from mechanical, to logistical to humans – anything can go wrong, unforeseen circumstances that carry weighty consequences can crop up at any moment. NASA has handled this process exceedingly well, so well in fact, that many of us take Shuttle launches for granted.

NASA has made shuttle launching look easy to its customers, in this case the tax paying public. It begs the question, what can you do with your company that will leave your customers with the same impression? If you can do something hard for your customers and make it look easy, you will win their business. Hard things can solve problems, deliver a service or create a product that exceeds your customers expectations. By making it look easy you will inspire confidence in the mastery of your craft. NASA has taken this concept to another level entirely, but stop and think what is it that your business does which is hard and how can you make it look easy? 

One last thing: There are only four more Space Shuttle launches left before NASA winds down the program. I would highly recommend you get down to the Cape to see one. It will blow your mind.

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