New Update: Re-designed Admin Page

Launched this weekend, a new and

improved Admin Page that provides a simple way to manage your account. 

At PipelineDeals we’re always

creating new additions and updates to our tool that will improve the overall

ease of use for our customers. Most importantly we take the time to make the

functionality within our tool that our customers use the most, as easy to use

as possible. Our latest improvement tackled the Admin page. The Admin page serves

as the “mother board” to customize account settings such as, Colors &

Branding, Deal Stages, Note Categories, Sources, Deal Custom Fields, Lead

Statuses, To-do Templates and much more.

This page also allows for access to

Billing & Invoices as well as detailed information about PipelineDeals

API.With the new design in place,

the Admin page now provides simple access to key functionalities available in

your account – allowing you to make any necessary changes quickly and easily.

Videos & FAQs

For additional help, watch the updated

videos on each of the pages in the Admin set up process. Each video focuses on

a specific set up process and takes you through a step-by-step tutorial for how

to customize and make adjustments to your account. For additional information

we’ve created a list of specific FAQs relating to each of the Admin set up


If you have any questions about any

of these new features, please join us for our weekly webinar on Tuesday’s at 2

p.m., by going to the Admin tab and clicking the Sign Up Now button.