On the Road: BizConf, August 4 – 6

PipelineDeals is getting out on the road more this year – starting with the RailsConf in June and then the BizConf in August. PipelineDeals will be sponsoring part of BizConf along with some other great companies including Harvest and ELC Technologies.

Why BizConf?

Obie Fernandez of Hashrocket is known for putting together an intimate and worthwhile event. We like that the BizConf is a well-rounded meeting of the minds focused on the total business, and not myopically focused on just one silo. Hashrocket is a PipelineDeals customer, and we are thrilled at the opportunity of being able to invest back into our own ecosystem by helping those who help us. To be quite honest, it is much more satisfying to participating in a conference like BizConf as opposed to a other larger show where there is a high chance of getting lost among the masses. (Obie also promises the food will be good too!)

What’s in it for you?

BizConf offers great opportunities to learn and network outside of your normal routine. As a Pipeliner you also win with a unique coupon code: PD899 – which will bring your event registration price down to $899. Some quick math shows that you will save the equivalent of about about 45 monthly seats off of the usual conference price. Not a bad deal!

Let us know if you decide to attend, we would love to meet up.

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