New Feature Preview #1: All New Calendar

Today, we are previewing some overdue and exciting changes to the PipelineDeals calendar.  

Today, we are previewing some overdue and exciting changes to the PipelineDeals calendar.   In summary the new calendar will support the following:

1. Tasks & Events

2. Recurring Tasks & Events

3. A Simpler, Drag & Drop User Interface

4. New Completed Tasks Lists 

5. Coming Later – 2 Way Google Calendar Integration

Tasks & Events

This will be the biggest change to the calendaring and task system.   Currently, PipelineDeals only supports to-dos with a required due date.  This model has served us well.  However, it does have certain limitations.  For example, you cannot create a simple checklist of things to get done. You also cannot have tasks or events that have duration or repeat.

The new and improved calendar will have both tasks and events.

Tasks will not require a due date though you can add one if you want. Tasks also will not support times. 

Events will have start/end due dates and times, which will allow for durations. Events could be used to display travel schedules, upcoming sales meetings and trips.

This is the standard calendar model you will find in Microsoft Outlook, Apple’s iCal, and Google Calendar, so it should be somewhat familiar.

 Add event

Recurring Tasks & Events

This has been one of our most requested features.  You will now be able to create both recurring tasks as well as recurring events.   This will come in very handy if you want to create a simple recurring task to call a prospect every month, or once a week until a deal is closed.  You could also create recurring events for regular sales meetings or client discussions that occur the same time every week/month/year.

 View upcoming tasks and events

Simple, Drag & Drop User Interface

The calendar user interface has been redesigned to be simpler, cleaner and more user friendly.   More specifically, we have changed to the traditional 30 day view for the current calendar month from the Upcoming 4 week view.  The calendar items will display in simple readable bullet list format.  You can click on the calendar item to edit, delete or reveal any notes.

We have added simple prominent Add Task and Add Event Buttons to the top of the page so you can easily add items to your calendar.   Of course, you will be able to see any relevant associations to Deals or Contacts and Leads in a cleaner format as well.  Completed items display nicely with lines crossing the items off the calendar.  Events that span multiple days for will display with an easy to read bar highlighting the event at a glance.

 Manage your calendar in PipelineDeals

New Completed Tasks Lists for Deals / Contacts / Leads

You will also see a new and improved format on the deals, contact/lead profile pages.  We’re introducing a new Completed Tasks & Events list that will display all completed items in chronological order.  This will allow you to easily see what has been accomplished on the deal.  It also will keep you focused on what’s left to do to take your deal across the finish line.

 View tasks and events that you've completed. 

Coming Later: – 2 Way Google Calendar Synchronization

Once the new calendar is up and running, we will be launching 2 way Google Calendar Synchronization.  We offer iCal synchronization today (1 way) to Google , Outlook, and Apple or any iCal supported format. Two Way Synchronization will allow you to change your items in Google Calendar or PipelineDeals and have changes go in both directions.

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