Now Live! Updates to the PipelineDeals Calendar

In the next week we will be launching some very exciting new features for the Calendar. We’ve decided to preview the improved functionality with another blog post and video.

The most important change is a differentiation between how Tasks and Events are handled moving forward.

When adding reminders you will need to choose one or the other.

Tasks are To-Do’s that may nor may not have a due date. Some examples include a Follow Up with someone or a Next Step that needs to be accomplished. These are generally action items that may need to get done tomorrow or someday, but not at a specific time.

Events on the other hand have a specific start and end time and may include a conference call or a sales meeting.

The new features include:

  • Tasks and Events –  We’ve changed the way appointments and to-dos are defined.
  • Events and Duration – The ability to schedule blocks of time.
  • Recurring Events – Set up reminders that pop up each month or every week.
  • Completed Activities List – Updated UI to support a paginated completed list of events.
  • New UI for Calendar – A slick and updated interface.
  • Task Assignment on Leads and Contacts – Just like on Deals users will be able to assign Tasks to others below them in the user hierarchy.The new features will still be supported in iCal. This supports the ability to get the PipelineDeals Calendar into Outlook 2007, Apple iCal, or even Gmail Calendar.

Below is a screenshot.

 Updated PipelineDeals calendar

Keep an eye out for these changes very soon!


  1. More welcome additions to improve an already great tool. Looking forward to utilizing the new processes and many thanks to the design team.

  2. It seems harder to just enter a date for an appt. now and I can’t seem to get it done from my G1 phone as I could before. And with the constant refeshing, it takes 3 times as long to enter a simple appt. I trust this will all be ironed out with the bugs are all worked out of it. Try not to change too much too quickly as I am a new user and learning this new system and having the system keep changing is a bit crazy for me.

  3. Interesting.I had been using tasks to set simple reminders for when to follow-up with prospects.The changes make this process unnecessarily more complicated.

    All I want is a time field added to the task so I get a reminder of when to call someone.

    The concept of duration is meaningless for this reminder, so having to fill out a duration on Events is overkill. Attempting to set an event with no duration is not possible.

    I’m sure that you’ve solved someone’s problems with this “upgrade”, but my process is now broken. It was crippled before when the time format was changed in the tasks, as it meant I could no longer just key in the numbers (ie. 1700 used to translate to 17:00). Call me petty for griping over additional keystrokes, but they add up over time and become increasingly annoying.

  4. @Debusk – Thank you for the vote of confidence.

    @David – Calendar was long overdue for an overhaul and it sounds like just a case of bad timing. Right when you were getting used to using PipelineDeals one way, we changed it on you. We do work to evolve the app and we are continually re-investing in the application. I will work to provide more notice to the entire user base here and on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

    @Jeff Cress – Fair points and you should hold us to a higher standard. I think you have every right to call us out on complicating a process – this goes against who we are. I feel your pain as I run into ths problem with Google Calendar from time to time (I use it via Mail on my Mac). There has to be a better way here, so let me kick it around with the some of the folks internally and see if we can find a better way.

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