PipelineDeals on Android and Blackberry

We have had many Customers ask for more from us on mobile and today we are excited to deliver. 

Sales People are Mobile by Nature

Mobile is admittedly a tough nut to crack. We have had many Customers ask for more from us on mobile and today we are excited to deliver. Thanks to some great work by Nic and Grant here at PipelineDeals, we are happy to announce we have released a beta version of PipelineDeals for both Android and Blackberry. We are launching this PipelineDeals web app free of charge to our current Customers as part of our efforts to constantly make PipelineDeals better, without raising prices. Just a quick point of comparison, you can’t get mobile on the “big, old CRM” until you pay at least $65/user/month and even then you have to plunk down some extra money on top. We are doing this for our standard $15/user/month. Ok, onto the details:

Why Beta?

This is our first true beta launch in four years. Every other release we have done, whether for mobile or the online application, has always been a full production release. Given the three platforms, the various versions of the operating systems on those platforms, and the number of devices everything runs on led to more use cases then we could feasibly test on. We are going to rely on our community of avid mobile users to provide us feedback on any problems. We are continually testing on various devices in both of our offices and will be rolling updates into the mobile web apps regularly.

 PipelineDeals on an Iphone

What do I need to know before logging in?

This is a web app for Android and Blackberry, like our iPhone mobile app. This means we are not in any App Store and accessing the web app is simple – just point your phone’s browser to www.pipelinedeals.com/login, enter your usual credentials and log in. We will take it from there. You might want to bookmark PipelineDeals on your phone for easier access later too.

It is important to know that a web app means you do need internet coverage on your phone to access the app either via Wifi, 4G, 3G or Edge. The good news is that this means no syncing is needed since this is an online only solution.

 PipelineDeals on Android

iPhone and Android

The iPhone and Android versions will enable you to read and write to all your Leads, Contacts and Deals.  You can accomplish To-Dos, add new Events, and even change the stages on your Deals. Adding new Leads and Contacts is a breeze and you can click on phone numbers or addresses which integrate directly with your phone’s calling and mapping features respectively.


 PipelineDeals on a blackberry

If you are using a Blackberry some functionality is currently not available in our beta release depending on the model and operating system of any given Blackberry. The newest Blackberry handsets will perform the best and support the same functionality as the iPhone and Android versions. At the very least, all Blackberry users are able to find Leads, Contacts and Deals and write Notes. The biggest known drawback of the web app for Blackberry right now is the inability to add new Leads, Contacts or Deals. Rest assured we are looking at how best to do this for all versions of Blackberry. We will post a work around for adding new Leads and Contacts using existing functionality here on the ThinkPipeline blog later this week. The good news is that you are currently able to add Tasks and Events and view your To-Do list.

As we said at the outset, we do believe good sales people are out on the road selling and closing. We feel it is our duty to support them via mobile and we will continue to invest in and evolve our mobile offering. We are going to need your help in vetting this beta release, so please do feel free to email anything you see odd to customercare@pipelinedeals.com with the word “Mobile” in the subject line.

As always, many thanks for your business!

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