New Feature: The Company Profile & Directory

Launching soon, PipelineDeals will include a new and improved Company Directory and Profile.  

Launching soon, PipelineDeals will include a new and improved Company Directory and Profile.  Now you and your sales team will have a holistic picture of your interactions with a given company. Gone are the days of duplicate efforts and wasted time. Now you can collaborate and project a coordinated sales effort to your sales prospects.

The following new features will be part of this upcoming release:

  • Company Directory  
  • Company Profile Page 

Company Directory

The Company Directory is a simple list of all of the companies associated to your Contacts and Leads.  The Company Directory can be found under the Contacts tab in the left navigation menu, bottom link in red. The directory is an alphabetized list of companies and can easily be navigated via the letters on the right hand side of the directory

 Company directory

Company Profile Page

 Viewing deals in the company profile

The Company Profile Page can quickly and easily help you answer the following questions about your sales relationships:

  • Who do we know at Company XYZ?
  • How much business have we done with Company XYZ?
  • How many dollars do we have in the our active sales pipeline with Company XYZ?
  • Who on our sales team owns which relationships at Company XYZ?
  • Who on our sales team is working on which deals at Company XYZ?

The Company Profile also includes the pertinent company information such as Company Description, Primary Website URL and Primary Physical Address. You can also upload the logo of the company to round out the Company Profile Page and make it look good!

The intention of this page is for your sales team to be able to see a coordinated, total picture view of all your relationships with any given company. We envision that this page will make your sales efforts more efficient and reduce duplicate efforts among your sales team, but we will let you be the ultimate judge. Enjoy!

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