New Feature: Primary Contacts and Custom Reporting

Our developers have been rather busy this summer and we have added the concept of "Primary Contact" to PipelineDeals. T

Our developers have been rather busy this summer and we have added the concept of “Primary Contact” to PipelineDeals. The Primary Contact is the

person you want to focus on in your sales process. Our intention here is

to help you remember on those very involved deals who is ‘primary’ and

who is ‘secondary’ in order to save you time, eliminate confusion and help you close the deal


Primary Contacts – What is this Star?


viewing the People on a Deal you will see a star just to the right of

the Contact Name. This star comes in two flavors: Gold or Grey. By

default the star will be gray. By clicking the star, it will turn gold.

Clicking it again or clicking the star on another Contact will turn the

original star gray. By definition, there can be only one Primary Contact

per Deal. When you click the star and turn it gold, just like in

kindergarten, denotes that individual as “special”. In this case, it

denotes the individual as the Primary Contact on the Deal. In the screen shot below you will see that Betty Bargains is primary while Mark Seers is secondary.

 People profiles in PipelineDeals

Custom Reporting – with Primary Contact Information

The introduction of the Primary Contact gives us the ability to include it in custom reporting. Now, you can build a report with the Deal Name, pertinent

deal info like Amount, Stage and Deal Owner (including any custom field you

desire) and include the Primary Contact information associated with that

Deal. Primary Contact information can include the Primary Contact’s

Name, Phone, Email and Company Name. You can also export this

information as a .csv file for your own data portability needs.

As a refresher, Custom Reporting is found on the Reports Tab on the far

right hand side of the light yellow Action menu near the top of the

screen. You will see some new options now available for you to choose

from related to the Primary Contact.

Here is an example of a Custom Report with Primary Contact information included:

 Building custom reports

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