Now Live: Contact and Lead Cloning

We are talking about reducing redundant data entry. 

No, we are not talking about Dolly the sheep here when we are talking about cloning. We are talking about reducing redundant data entry. A necessary evil of building your sales pipeline is entering Lead and Contact information into your contact database. If you are doing it manually versus via a file it is even more tedious. We are hoping to remove some of the mind-numbing tasks and make your life just a little bit better with Contact and Lead Cloning.

Cloning a Contact or Lead

You can now easily clone an existing contact or lead in PipelineDeals. Simply click the “clone” link on the Contact/Lead Profile Pages. The link can be found in the Actions menu located in the light yellow bar at the top of the screen. We will copy over the address and company name to a fresh “Add a Contact” page for you. From there just add the individually unique details and you are done. We hope you like it since some of you asked for it!

Screenshot of a Contact Detail Page with the “Clone” link called out in red.

 Cloning a contact

Screenshot of a new “Add a Contact” page pre-populated with cloned Work Address:

 Adding a new contact 

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