PipelineDeals Connects to Social Media

PipelineDeals now connects you with who you follow on Twitter, are connected to on LinkedIn and are friends with on Facebook.

PipelineDeals now connects you with who

 Social powered CRM

you follow on Twitter, are connected to on LinkedIn and are friends with on Facebook. Update your Contact record with their Twitter name or “handle” and their personalized URLs from LinkedIn and Facebook. These social network fields are found when you create or edit a Contact under the More Details section.

Don’t want to read? Click here to watch the video overview of the new social features.

Who are you connected to?

We have introduced new mini-tiles on the Contact’s business card so you can see at a quick glance who you are connected to on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. When you have entered the correct information in the corresponding field on the contact record the tile for the social network will light up. By clicking on any of the active mini-tiles, you will be redirected to the corresponding page on a separate tab in your browser. Here is an example of a fully connected business card for Nic Cary:

 Import contacts from your social media accounts

Who is saying (ok, tweeting) what?

 Keep track of social conversations in your CRM 

Once you have your Contact’s record updated with their Twitter name, you will also see “Recent Tweets” included underneath their Contact Info on the left hand column of the Contact’s Profile Page. Here is an example of Nic Cary’s Profile Page with an arrow to clearly call out the inclusion of this new feature:

Let us know what you think of these new features. We plan to more deeply integrate with each of these sites in the coming months depending on how our user base starts using these fields. Give them a try and then send us some feedback.

We have imbedded the video update of the changes below as well for your convenience.

Social Connections and PipelineDeals Video

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