PipelineDeals opens West Coast office in Seattle

A quick update on the latest PipelineDeals Company news. 

A quick update on the latest PipelineDeals Company news. Today we opened our West Coast offices in Seattle, WA.  We are tucked into the Pioneer Square area just south of downtown at 1st and King. Please feel free to drop in and say hello. You can also probably find us nearby at Zeitgeist or Salumi around lunch time!


With the new West Coast outpost, and more importantly the Pipeliners (what we call ourselves) here, we now have the ability to better serve our customers. Our company work day is lengthened quite a bit and we are more accessible not only for our US-based west coast customers but also for our customers in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

We are excited to participate in the web and tech culture that permeates Seattle. The access to the software development and internet talent won’t hurt either. Not to mention, Seattle is a great place to live.

That’s it for now and we look forward to sharing more growth news here soon.

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